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Working with you rather than working on you

Working with you rather than working on you | The Dentists Blog

What your dentist should do if you have dental anxiety 

We all know it, that feeling we get when we need to go to the dentist.  

Perhaps you haven’t been in a while, or you know that you might need something a bit more than a regular clean. For most people, a bit of nerves the day of the appointment is normal. You might feel scared, or even consider cancelling or postponing. When you get there, your hands are clutched together hard and you are not looking forward to sitting down. 

All those feelings are fairly normal, but what should you do if you feelings about going to a dentist are just that bit stronger. Those feelings might include sleepless nights, noticeable shaking or even anxiety and light panic attacks.  

Top Tips before you go to the dentist 
In any case, your dentist should aim to work with you rather than on you.  

Here are some great tips that might help you with making your time at the dentist a bit more comfortable. 

A dentist should let you lead the appointment

This is very important for the first few appointments. Your dentist should give you time to get to know them. Talk about your teeth and general mouth health.  

Have a secret sign

Ok, it doesn’t have to be secret. Just agree on a sign you can make to give your dentist while you can't talk. It would mean ‘tools down’, taking a sip of water or just having a breather.  

Get comfortable in talking about what’s going on

Talking about what is going on for you is an absolute must. Getting to the root cause of your dental anxiety is the beginning of making things better. If your dentist is not interested in finding out why, they might not be the right dentist for you. 

Make a plan

Making a plan with your dentist will put you in the driver’s seat, rather than a passenger. Take the time to find out what your treatment entails, collaborate on your options and take control of your oral health. Knowing your plan intimately and why you are doing it, gives you more control and confidence.  

Treatment your way

Ask to have your treatment spread over one or two appointments. This way you will only have to worry about visiting the dentist once or twice instead of multiple times.  

Get comfortable

Know what works for you and don’t be afraid to speak up. Some people find the dental chairs incredibly uncomfortable and a lumbar roll can go a long way. It might be too warm or too cold, or you might prefer some music over the dental equipment noise.  

A great dentist should not only be able but also be happy to discuss any of these ideas. If they are not, that can be a big red flag for anyone with dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is more common than you might think and dentists should be well-trained in making you more comfortable. 

It’s time for better experiences 

For more information read Nobody loves going to the dentist or call us https://www.td.co.nz/contact/  

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